Websocket in Java Part 1: Before JAVA EE7

Learn Recipe: WebSocket using Java

In this first article on websocket we will learn what is websocket and its implementation in JAVA EE6.
In part2 we will see new Java websocket API JSR356

So lets KICKSTART Websockets.

Precook : Few tech facts

What is Websocket ? A brief introduction

  • New protocol introduced in HTML5 specification (RFC 6455)
  • Leverages HTTP upgrade technology
  • Upgrade HTTP to Websocket
  • Once connection established no headers, cookies required
  • A full duplex communication
  • Independent  message can be sent in both direction (server-client).
  • Supports binary data
  • Since uses TCP/HTTP, thus work on same port
  • Also support secure connection ie both ws:// or wss:// supported.
  • Intended to use for: Chat Applications,Interactive games,Media Streaming, Notifications,server push…
  • Browser Support : (All leading browser supports)Firefox,Chrome,Safari,IE10,etc…
  • Server support: Apcahe Tomcat 7,Oracle Glassfish3,Oracle Glassfish4
    • For JAVA EE 6: Third party API available.( Tomcat7 /Glassfish3 /Jwebsocket / Lightstramer )
    • For JAVA EE7: Implemented (JSR356) Java API for Web Socket.

Let’s Cook : Simple Eco application

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